Equilibrium Solar Articulating Towers

We developed the e-SAT Towers to provide safe, cost-effective solar solution for use in dark territory. Our innovative articulation method enables a worker to lower the tower to ground level for maintenance and repairs utilizing only an 18v battery operated drill. “True Positive Stop” technology utilizes a non-hydraulic jackscrew during articulation allowing towers to be safely raised and lowered without reliance on gravity and without regard to wind conditions.

Our “Full Penetration Connection” ensures long term reliability and offers an industry leading “tower-to-base” connection method. During standardized fatigue tests, the “Full Penetration Connection” lasted more than twice as long as the closest competition.


Operator Safety

  • Eliminates the need for climbing maneuvers and boom-truck operations
  • “True Positive Stop” (TPS) technology protects the workers while articulating

Ease of Use

  • Fully articulates utilizing an 18v battery-operated drill
  • Operated by one worker
  • Rapid installation; can mount to a Dixie precast foundation
  • Pre-wired from the factory
  • Single coaxial run does not require disconnection for articulation


  • Hot dipped galvanization on both the tower and associated hardware
  • “Full Penetration Connection” tower-to-base connection method
  • Round tube design for better force dispersion
  • Capable of handling wind loads of up to 100mph


  • Locking tamper resistant cover
  • Hand-crank for tower articulation
  • Custom made enclosures
  • Varmint guard
  • Antenna mount
  • Variable height antenna mount
  • Removable remote controlled articulation
  • Full installation
ModelHeightWind RatingSolar Panel EPAAntenna EPA
eSAT 2010-9020'90 mph110 sq. ft.3 sq. ft.
eSAT 2006-9020'90 mph55 sq. ft.3 sq. ft.
eSAT 2006-12020'120 mph55 sq. ft.3 sq. ft.


  • e-SAT Towers Image
  • e-SAT Towers Image
  • e-SAT Towers Image
  • e-SAT Towers Image