Cover miles in the blink of an eye

We offer full-service fiber optics project support for our customers. Our fiber optics department serves as both a cable supplier and service provider. We have a full inventory at our fingertips which allows for more rapid response to new orders or service requests. In addition, our field and shop technicians are on call 24/7 for troubleshooting and installation needs.


Services Offered

  • Custom Cable Assembly Design
  • Cable Assembly Manufacturing
    • OSP
    • ISP
    • Harsh Environment
    • Mil-Spec
    • Composite (Copper & Fiber Hybrid)
  • Cable Deployment & Recovery Reels
  • Refurbishing & Recertification Testing
  • Stock Pre-Build Cable Assemblies
  • Passive/Active FDP construction (Fiber Distribution Panel)
  • Emergency Restoration

SOP & Testing

  • Standard
    • Constructed per Proved Standard Operating Procedure
    • Visual Construction (Strip Charts)
    • Microscopic Inspection (400x)
    • Pin Alignment Testing (Loaded Test Sets)
    • Return Loss Testing (Light Source Power Meter)
      • Accompanied by: Labels & Printed Reports
  • Optional:
    • OTDR (Trace Reports)
    • Interferometer


  • Fiber Optics - Lab Image