Material Transfer Services

Pillar Innovations’ Material Transfer Services includes our heavy duty, high speed spooling trailer. This service enables you to safely and efficiently take-up, pay-out, and store cables throughout your site, or haul them offsite for testing and storage. Additionally, this trailer’s self-loading and unloading capabilities makes the transfer of cables and heavy duty reels faster and more efficient. Accompanying the spooling trailer are trained technicians who provide on-site support and peace of mind during transfer and delivery operations.


  • Spool Haulage Services up to 30,000 lbs
  • Up to 4000’ of 2” Diameter Fiber/Solid Core Wire Rope Transfers
  • Up to 2000’ of 500 MCM Insulated High Voltage Cable
  • Up to 22,000’ of 1” Wire Rope / Product for ESP Drops
  • 3” Diameter Flex Hose & Cable Take-Ups over 2500’
  • Slick Line Transfers from 3000’ to 15,000’
  • Variable Take Up and Pay Out Feed Rates from 50 FPM to 300 FPM
  • Heavy Duty Spooling Trailer Image
    Heavy Load Capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Spooling Trailer Image
    Trained Technicians
  • Heavy Duty Spooling Trailer Image
    Offsite Material Transfer and Testing