Wireless Slope Stability Monitoring, Around the Clock

In Place Inclinometers provide the ability to detect slip movement at any depth or on any structure. Our inclinometer systems can be tailored to suit your specific needs, from a 40 foot deep bore hole on an active slip site to a retaining wall on a country road, we provide the information needed to make informed decisions. Additionally, integration with our Field Services web portal provides you with a user-friendly interface, accessible and customizable from the web 24/7. That means you can check the integrity of your slopes and structures remotely, any time day or night. Learn more at fieldservices.io.


  • Monitor up to 50 Sensors per Location
  • Sleep-Wake Cycle Synced for Long Battery Life
  • Mesh Network Radio System for Redundant Communication Network
  • Easy-to-use Web Application for Mobile Devices
  • WiFi or Cellular Communications to the Cloud
  • Automatic Text and Email Alert Notifications
  • Compact Devices can be Moved and Reinstalled for Dynamic Projects
  • Inclinometers And Tilt Sensors Image
  • Inclinometers And Tilt Sensors Image