Site-Wide Alerting System

Pillar Innovations’ MusterAlert provides a robust yet affordable mesh network that seamlessly integrates safety and monitoring systems throughout even the toughest worksites. With an ever-growing list of features and alerting options, MusterAlert can evolve with your project from exploration to completion.



  • Red Emergency Buttons at All Stations Signal a Site-Wide Alert
  • System Can Couple with Gas Monitoring & Alerting System
  • Installation & Service by Qualified Pillar Technicians
  • Leasing Options Available

Customizable Packages & Solutions

  • 20’ Steel Pole Base
    • Solar Powered
    • Red Strobe for Muster
    • Blue Strobe for Gas Monitoring Integration
    • Direction Wind Sock
  • Portable Alerting Units
    • 120V AC or Battery Powered
    • Large Red Strobe
    • 110 dB Audible Alarm
      • 10-30 Sound Patterns Available
  • Remote Shut-off Device
    • Rapid Installation
    • Customization Integration

Gas Monitoring & Alerting System

  • Coupled with the site alerting system for additional relay nodes and increased safety
  • Installation up to Class 1 Division 1
  • Stand-Alone Solar Powered Options
  • Integration with today’s most popular drilling recorder
  • Trending and alerts available via cell modem
  • Easy to read HMI can display 20 monitors
  • LEL, H2S and 20+ additional sensors available
  • Customizable alerting levels
  • Capable of initiating a site evacuation
  • Systems for every stage from exploration to completion


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