Intrinsically-Safe Design & Manufacturing

Pillar Innovations is well versed in the design and approval of permissible equipment. From high-level design reviews to full-scale development and approval, our team has the knowledge and experience to streamline the approval process. Our in-house testing services will spare you from time consuming delays due to failed tests.


Design Services

  • Intrinsically-Safe Circuitry Design & Review
  • Intrinsically-Safe & Explosion-Proof Packaging Design
  • In-House Testing
    • Exploratory Spark Testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Oscilloscope Testing
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Support

Application Support Services

  • Detailed Understanding of Policies and Criteria
  • Evaluation of Designs for Compliance
  • Creation of Submittal Package
  • Management of the Approval Process
  • Support for In-House Testing and Agency Meetings


  • UL Listed Panel Shop
  • Custom Quality Control
  • Strategic Sourcing & Inventory Management
  • Product Lifecycle Support

Supported Entities

  • MSHA
  • UL
  • FM
  • ATEX


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