Field and Shop Cable Repair

We offer full-service splicing trailer support for our customers. Our team serves as both a cable assembly and service provider. We have a full inventory at our fingertips which allows for rapid response to new orders or service requests. In addition, our field and shop technicians are on call for troubleshooting and installation needs.


Off-Site Shop Repairs

  • Pothead Repair
  • Splices
  • Jacket Repairs
  • Testing
  • Finger Repairs
  • Bell Repair

On-Site Trailer Services

  • Splicing
    • 1 Day Service
  • Jacket
    • 30" = 1 Day Service
    • Small = 6 Hour Service
  • Testing
    • 1 Hour Service
  • Finger Repair


  • Splicing Trailer Image
  • Splicing Trailer Image
  • Splicing Trailer Image