Wireless Strain Monitoring, Day or Night

Our strain gauge monitoring system is designed to monitor the structural integrity of pipelines, buildings, bridges, and more. This system is perfect for permanent and temporary installations alike. Additionally, integration with our Field Services web portal provides you with a user-friendly interface, accessible and customizable from the web 24/7. That means you can check the integrity of your structures remotely, any time day or night. Learn more at fieldservices.io.


Device Features

  • Monitor up to 4 Gauges per Device
  • Sleep-Wake Cycle Synced for Long Battery Life
  • Mesh Network Radio System for Redundant Communication Network
  • Easy-to-use Web Application for Mobile Devices
  • WiFi or Cellular Communications to the Cloud
  • Automatic Text and Email Alert Notifications
  • Compact Devices can be moved and reinstalled for Dynamic Projects

Data Capabilities

  • Analyze Changes over Time to Predict Failures
  • Create Data Trails for Increased Accountability
  • Increase Workforce Efficiency

Turnkey Services Package

  • Pre-Subsidence Engineering Analysis
  • Full Service Monitoring and Mitigation Plans
  • Capabilities from Excavation to Backfill and Everything in-between

Other Applications

  • Bridges
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Railways
  • Assets
  • Tension Systems
  • ...and more!


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  • Strain Gauge Monitoring System Image
    Base Station
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    Trend Graph